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The other night I attended a milestone birthday party of the husband of a good friend of mine. I also attended another milestone birthday of his a decade ago. As I looked around the room, I could not help but remember all the things that have happened over the past ten years.

As the night went on and the wine continued to flow (I was out a wee bit late that night), I became both melancholy and inspired. Di and I were seated at the head table , more for decoration I am sure, but also to support our friend. I figured it was our duty as “head table guests” to make a toast, and as I mentioned, I was now inspired to share my feelings. I spoke of how and when I met the couple, the crazy vacations and stories we shared and then the people gathered in the room. There were so many familiar faces and there were so many new mugs too. The birthday boy has many old and new friends.

I highlighted this character trait and then spoke of the effect of this unbelievable ability. It takes a certain type of person to bring people together and in my opinion, this is truly a wonderful skill. Last night the ages ranged from 8 years old to over 75 years old, and yet everyone seemed to belong.

Try to stop and think of all the people who have entered your life in the past ten years and then mix them with the people who have surrounded you your entire life (or what seems to be your whole life sometimes). I am willing to bet you that they too all seem to belong. I think as we get older and wiser, we recognize who and what are important to us and most importantly, why. And we learn to rid of all the energy vampires. This by the way is one of my all time favorite expressions that was taught to me years back by at a one time visit to a “clinical hypnotherapist/nutritionist. I stress one time visit and request that you don’t ask me to elaborate. What is left is the people who really get and embrace you and what makes you tick. This and these people will support and inspire you and become a part of all your future memories.

Happy Birthday Richie – thanks for reminding me how fortunate I am and for giving me something to look forward to for decades to come.


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