"I cannot express my admiration for everything Christine does when planning and running an event - no matter how small or how large - without using the following words: AMAZING. FANTASTIC. INCREDIBLE. REMARKABLE.

Over the past 12 years she has organized and presented everything from Celebrity Hat Trick hockey games involving sold out arenas full of 15,000 screaming fans to full-blown celebrity golf tournaments on PGA sponsored courses to intimate dinner events to Celebrity Apprentice television shoots to public appearances and press conferences involving the mayors of Boston and NYC - all to benefit The Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Not only did Christine pull each and every one of these ideas off with astonishing success, she did so with a smile on her face and the charm and grace she brings to every charity and corporate idea she gets involved with. She is one of those rare people who has the answer to every question before you ask it and not only makes your wishes and ideas come to be - she actually makes them happen in a bigger and better way than you had ever imagined.

That is why The Leary Firefighters Foundation has been working with her for so long: she's the best. Hands down. Call us if you need to know more."


"Christine Dicarlo has been a great resource for the NHL as an event producer on several NHL All-Star games. She brings a great blend of strong business acumen and creativity. She connects the dots as well as anybody I have worked with in this business through her experience and expertise in a range of areas including live event development, staging and production, finance, sponsorship sales, marketing, talent procurement and food & beverage. She is highly resourceful and effective in managing an array of tasks and we have valued her contributions to League events over the years."


Senior Vice President, NHL International

"Christine is an enthusiastic and charismatic individual who excels at all that she does. I was introduced to Ms. DiCarlo in 2000 when she was working with the Leary Firefighter Foundation and EMC was the lead sponsor. She clearly demonstrated leadership, vision and execution for the LFF and was the primary contact for our sponsorship. Due to Chrsitine's drive and determination we stayed involved with that Foundation for many years.

Given my knowledge of her skills and abilities, I introduced her to The Family Center in Somerville MA where she became involved in a number of projects, most notably assisting in planning and producing two very successful fundraising dinners in NYC.

She has become a good friend, someone I can always depend on for a contact and someone who I would enjoy working with on any project."


Vice-Chairman, EMC Corporation

"Christine has a knack for coming up with the right theme for any occasion. She fully immerses herself into the program and makes sure she understands fully the key success factors for everyone involved. In addition, she is great at finding the right venue for any event. Her research is thorough and she always thinks outside the box, bring unique ideas and suggestions to every program. Finally, because of her ability to be creative and also be detail oriented to insure a successful program, I trust her decisions implicitly when I am in a time crunch and not able to review with her."

Michael Allen,

Senior Director, U.S. Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation


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