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temp-post-imageEvent Mode is a state of mind.

It is when you are a couple of days, a week or even a month out from an event and all you can do is focus on getting through and making it a success.

It is when you double and triple check the flight itineraries, the ground transportation, the menus, the scheduled activities, the vendor installation schedules, the hotel resumes, the Banquet Event Orders (BEO) and the staffing plans.

It is when you do your job and everyone else's because you become a control freak, or in my case, more of a control freak.

It is when you neglect your own well being and then wake up, look in the mirror and the realize you need to make a few beauty appointments and fast.

It is when you w...

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It’s late Sunday afternoon and I am on a flight back to Boston wishing I had a couple more days to enjoy the beach having just spent four great ones in Boca Raton, FL. It was two days of work for an upcoming annual Board Meeting we are producing later this spring and two days of sun and fun with my husband who accompanied me on this trip.

I am one of those people who works hard and plays hard too. It is really only in the past few months, that I have truly been able to shut off over the weekend or when I am on vacation. My mind just keeps going and I dream about my events, wake up thinking about things I need to do, or in my most crazy of times, I wake up in a panic that I don’t h...

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Last night's Grammy Awards inspired this post, although I really did not watch the whole show. I tend to focus on what everyone is wearing to these shindigs and on any live performances rather than the actual awards. Plus in this case, I knew this year would be all about the two queens.

As we know, you can rewatch just about every minute and relive just about every detail the next day on social media. . . whether they are good or bad minutes and details. Last night there were quite a few faux pas - Adele's restart, Metallica's frontman not having a microphone, Laverne Cox not even introducing Metallica and more. In an event producers world, the missteps are what we lose sleep over and that c...

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temp-post-imageEarlier this week, I was working at a client's office and we were talking about the nearing blizzard and how great it would be to have a snow day and to work from home. I was fully engaged in the conversation and adding that I was excited to work in the comfort of my favorite Monrow camo sweats. The conversation continued for a bit before I realized I could basically do that every day if i really wanted. I work from home.

I gave up my cushy office and address in Copley Square a few years back when I confirmed I spent more time on the road then I did in my office. One year in fact I spent 91 nights in NYC alone.

To this day, my job takes me on the road on average about twice a month. My meeting...

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To rebrand or not to rebrand, that was the question. Rebranding is a major decision for any company. It can mean thousands of expenses, weeks or even months of stalled projects and many sleepless nights. So now you know how I spent my time from December 26th to today.

But it can also mean a fresh spin on an old idea, a reenergized way of thinking, increased visibility and a new motivation that stems from within.

And with that, I am happy to introduce you to CD Events Co. It's time for Front Row to take a back seat.

I am proud of my work and what I have accomplished as Front Row. That name originated when I was in grad school and sat in the front row of class every day. A small shift in perspec...

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Front Row Associates is currently accepting resumes for an intern position for the Spring/Summer 2017 season. Please forward resume to


Greetings from the sky. I read a recent post from a fellow blogger that resonated with me because we both have to travel all the time for our jobs and share a fear of flying. Of course she is a well-paid (and even better well-dressed) fashion blogger who was on her way to Paris with many show invites to PFW, and I am just an event producer doing my thing. To find out she was afraid of flying too made me feel a little better.

Here I am sitting on a JetBlue flight on my way to Miami for both work and play – well okay one day of work but nonetheless, I am in the friendly skies again. The plane just started to shake (a lot) and the Captain came on asking us to return to our seats and faste...

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After each event, we meet with the client to debrief on all aspects of the project: the successes, the areas for improvement and the highlights.

We prepare for the debriefs by listing the ingredients to a great event.

Food has a starring role and plays an integral part in just about every event. Who is at your table is key, but what you serve on that table is just as important.

Enter tastings.

Yesterday we sampled some good old southern comfort food at Loretta’s Last Call in Boston. This tasting was significant because the event is a themed event which our guests are not all accustomed to, nor is it a popular cuisine here in the city. We asked the Chef to come up with a menu that showcase...

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Valentine’s Day, like almost every other holiday we celebrate, is really just another event. This year I decided to bake cakes to celebrate the day.

Martha Stewart proudly posted a perfect, super styled photo of a hidden heart pound cake on Instagram. It caught my eye and I thought how fun and what a great way to bake my love and recognize this event. Plus after my self inflicted Christmas gift wrapping project, I figured I could easily tackle a ton of butter and some pink food coloring. After about two minutes of thinking how and when, I decided to make one for Mike, one for my parents and one for my in-laws and visited Amazon to see how fast they could deliver a loaf pan and heart sh...

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Thirty seconds can be very expensive.

It’s recorded than more than one third of the US Population tuned in last night to watch Super Bowl 50, cheer on their teams and watch the Halftime Show.

And to watch all the ads.

Major corporations and brands spent millions of dollars for a thirty second spot to promote their goods.

This year they paid Dr. Corporate America upwards of five million dollars to be in the game. This is the most expensive it has ever been. Our ad makers had already taken over the internet with their latest and greatest. The Heinz Hot Dog Stampede commercial went viral over a week ago, Drake’s Hotline Bling is a hit again and just about everyone was humming the Natio...

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