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Yes my friends, a jumpsuit. This spring and summer, when I am asked what I am wearing to an event or for a fun night out with my hubby or posse, that will be my answer.

I must admit, I too was skeptical about these babies, but after my young, hip salesgirl at Barneys told me to “just try it on,” I was hooked.

Last month, I was shopping for my trip to St Barths. Because of the horrendous economy and my schedule, I had not been shopping in a while. But I had a gift certificate from Christmas to one of my all time favorite stores and decided my vacation to this trendy, hot spot needed something fabulous and new. I tried on a bunch of pieces – tops, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. None of which I really loved or loved enough to pull the trigger. My twenty-something rail thin stylista asked me where I was going. When I told her my destination, I thought she was going to jump right out of her boyfriend jeans she was so excited. “Oh my God, I absolutely love St Barths. . .I was potty trained there.” I felt like replying when about 10 years ago, but refrained. She obviously had spent some time on this chic island and could therefore be of use to me.

She then pointed me in the direction of the central mannequin. This tall also rail thin plastic creature was sporting a jumpsuit. And convinced me that this would be perfect for my trip and become one of my favorite things to wear all season. I tried it on and immediately felt rail thin, glamorous, current and oh so chic.

My jumpsuit is black with spaghetti straps, a drawstring waist and long wider legs. A new designer to the scene. . . and is fierce. The tie belt is great alone or with a bigger belt over it. I suggest opting for black if you are a newbie to this look. It is easiest to dress up or down and the most flattering.

I wore my one piece wonder out in St Barths with super high gold heels, chunky gold jewelry and a tan. I felt like a million bucks and had quite the night as a result.

Now that we are finally enjoying some good spring weather and my social calendar is filling up again, I can’t wait to wear it again. A great cropped leather jacket will complete the look one night and a huge waist cincher with some funky gladiators another. The possibilities are endless.

I know this is a leap of faith. But go ahead, make the jump!


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