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Yes I am almost famous. As some of you may now know, Michael is back in the music industry managing a band called Endway. Last weekend, we decided to go with them to NYC. They were playing at Justin Timberlake’s bar and restaurant Southern Hospitality in NYC and my husband aka band manager of the year thought it would be a great bonding experience to make the trip with them. When I say make the trip, I mean really make the trip.

We were supposed to leave Boston at 12 noon. It was 2:30pm and Mike, Brian (the keyboardist) and me dressed in my “band look” were still outside sitting on our stoop waiting for our ride. Now you know that I travel back and forth to the big apple all the time. Preferred methods being the shuttle or Acela. But there is a first (and last) time for everything. This time my mode of transportation was a used grey van, otherwise known as the Endway tour bus. Two of the bench seats had been removed leaving room for all the equipment in the back and the newly acquired futon mattress between the back and front seats.

We hit the road about 3pm – just in time to hit all the traffic on the Pike and through Hartford. The drive was long, muggy and not very comfortable. Not the boys fault, the van suited their needs just fine. It got them where they were going and provided a place to sleep if their manly physiques and boyish charms failed them on the road. But um, check out two of them above, as you can imagine this rarely happens. Anyway, Mike and I were two added bodies, making it that less comfy and more of an inconvenience times two. Needless to say I was cranky.

We stopped only once for a bathroom run and to get some food. I was hoping for a TCBY, they settled for hot dogs. The rest stop we visited hosted a Knights of Columbus bake sale of sorts. So no fro yo for me, but Gold help me, no hot dog either. Now I was cranky and hungry.

At about half past 8, we finally checked into our hotel. I learned more in those five and a half hours about members of the opposite sex, then I did in college, in all my years of dating and in my 15 years of marriage. And trust me they certainly don’t teach you this stuff in sex ed class, in relationship books or even on reality shows. Life on the road with a band is a whole new type of education.

Personally, one I don’t think I’ll be signing up for the follow up class anytime soon. I am much happier simply meeting them at all their local venues and thinking I know it all.

I was in NYC this past weekend too but flew in on good old US Air. Of course I still went to hear and see the boys. They are like my newly adopted kids. Let me tell you besides the education, there are many other experiences that go along with suddenly having 5 twenty-something year old good looking boys around all the time. It makes you younger for sure. So there I was back in this joint yelling and dancing with Labbadia, Traci and other friends. I have no problem admitting I am having a blast with them and know Mike is too. But I also have no problem telling you, my hubby and them that I am past riding in the back of any van. Soon when our boys transition from band members to rock stars, they will feel the same way.

They are almost famous because they are rising stars. I am because I now get to say, “I’m with the band,” it just does not necessarily mean that I rode in with them.

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