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This past Friday was my friend Stephanie’s (2nd from the left) birthday – to refresh your memories, Steph was my room mate at BC, you met her in my post “Squirt & Flirt.” I sent her a funny card and email and have been thinking about her and how much fun we had that spontaneous night in June in NYC. And this morning when I logged into my Facebook account, I saw another old friend/room mate. The three of us and three others shared alot more than a beach blanket in our hey day.

This photo was taken somewhere between 10 – 14 years ago – who really knows. I know it could not be more than that because we were all at my Cape house, but feel like it was a few years into my marriage and our summers here, so I am going with ten years ago. It sort of fits my decade theme from my last post too. So about ten years ago, these girls and their boyfriends or husbands all visited us for a reunion weekend.

Back to the bikini clad babes in the above shot. One of us girls is not like the other. Flo must not have received the “wear your turquoise blue bikini” memo. That was just like our Florencia from Argentina, or as I affectionately called her, Flobee Gobbee. Although some of the girls you may not recognize, this 5 x 7 photo is truly famous here on Cape Cod. It resides in a beach themed frame (how appropos dont you think?) in the bathroom of our pool house. On top of the toilet to be exact so every time anyone goes in to pee (guys definitely have the operational advantage here) they get a private viewing. Anytime a “new” guy comes across the photo, they always exit the pool house with the photo in hand and a shit eating grin asking various questions. It was even kidnapped a few years back by one of the Farrelly brothers. He thought it would be better served in his possession and mentioned something about making us all movie stars. Tried sneaking out with it under his shirt a few times.

Another male houseguest of ours also thought he should “have” the photo or at least one or two of the girls in the photo. The Rescue Me boys all stayed here one weekend and the probie drew the short straw (or as he saw it a place of his own) and landed in the cabana. I actually found him the next morning sound asleep with the photo on the table next to the bed. He had moved it from the bathroom to the side table. I did not dare ask why and simply put it away.

Cut to last weekend….. we had friends over for an al fresco dinner. Eating outside means using the pool house bathroom – it is geographically convenient. Walshy, who coincidentally also went to BC, came out holding the prized photo. I think he was wondering where we all were when he was at Boston College.

The stars in order left to right are as follows: Renee, Stephanie, Kim, Florencia and yours truly. There are two missing, Andrea and Kelli, and that was my college posse. The majority of those four years, we lived, learned, loved and grew up under one roof. Now that was a reality show.

Although these girls are still in my life, I do not get the chance to spend as much time with them as I would like. I don’t know why. Families, careers, no excuses, it is what it is. I do know that when I do get to see them and spend quality time catching up, it is almost like no time has passed at all. Sure there are a bunch of monkeys running around, our left hands are heavier, we have earned various titles and accolades and have a lot more spendable incomes and different zip codes. But we are the same crew.

While Cape Cod may never be the same again, this is an open invitation to everyone pictured above. Too much time has passed and we need another reunion. Hey. Wait. I’m the event planner.

Summer 2009. Save the date. “Beach Blanket” photo redux.


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