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To rebrand or not to rebrand, that was the question. Rebranding is a major decision for any company. It can mean thousands of expenses, weeks or even months of stalled projects and many sleepless nights. So now you know how I spent my time from December 26th to today.

But it can also mean a fresh spin on an old idea, a reenergized way of thinking, increased visibility and a new motivation that stems from within.

And with that, I am happy to introduce you to CD Events Co. It's time for Front Row to take a back seat.

I am proud of my work and what I have accomplished as Front Row. That name originated when I was in grad school and sat in the front row of class every day. A small shift in perspective from my undergrad days at Boston College, but lets just say my social and party skills at BC and my studious ways at Emerson both fueled the start of my company. And I grew it and its reputation ever since.

If you look at my events and list of clients, you will find they are pretty high profile. They are a big deal, not me. I am a boutique agency that delivers big. And when I deliver, I stand behind it. You can say I put my name on it. Combine that with the fact that just about all my clients (and many of my friends) call me CD and voila - CD Events Co. makes sense.

I love what I do. I mean, I truly love what I do: the benefits are the people I work with or have met and the amazing experiences. Don't get me wrong, event production is not all fun and games. In fact, I cringe when people say this and don't fully understand all that it entails. Yes, I plan some fantastic parties, but I am not a party planner.

I also decided it was time to kick it up a notch or two (or ten in my case) with a blog to give me another creative outlet. Hopefully, you will find inspiration for everything from what to wear and helpful tips to event style and design ideas. "CD That's Me" will now be a real life digest of my events, my projects and all the things that matter in my world.

My life is one big event after another.

CD That's Me!


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Boston, MA 02115

Phone. 857-264-1762