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Today is September 1st. Not the official end to summer, but most definitely the official closing time of three months of summer life. To inspire today’s blog and to fend off my sad end-of-the-summer feelings, I went into the archives of the Daily Cookieto see what I wrote about at this time last year. I spoke about all the things I accomplished last summer and some of the things that never got done. This summer brought new experiences, but was a lot of the same.

We spent many hours exploring more of the Cape looking for the perfect new neighborhood and home. And every time we convinced ourselves how much we wanted to move, we came back here to a great time with punctuated by friends and families. Moving will be a big decision to make, so I think finding our beach house near by is in our forecast. Or we may decide to try out all different neighboring hoods next summer before starting the next chapter.

And we spent a lot of quality time in our home. We cooked and entertained a lot more. We spent even more time with our friends and families. I found a great new pilates instructor and natural foods store. Mike taught us how to play poker and himself how to mix up the best sangria around. We discovered and joined a wonderful local farm and learned how to pick the best produce and eggs. We helped the economy by becoming investors in Wiliams Sonoma. We found a n amazing new beach. I went to the beach just about every weekend. Mike went to the beach a remarkable and record four times. We had a lot of the regular house guests and expanded our guest book with some new names to check in to Camp DiCarlo. And although I was constantly washing sheets and towels or cutting fresh flowers to fill the guest rooms, for the first time in years, I was not consumed by the house’s imperfections and just enjoyed the home.

This summer was not about what we wanted or needed to get done, but rather more about what we did not have to do and how to enjoy what we had. I even tried to pack less in my weekend bags and exemplify the laid back prepster look of my surroundings. And we started taking a lot of photos again to document the latest and greatest memories.

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach with 19 of our friends – again a mix of the usual suspects and a few new faces too. It was the perfect way to end the summer. We talked about all the great meals we shared and about the goals everyone had set for themselves starting today. I spoke about all the events I have coming up and the travel plans in my immediate future. And suddenly I became very excited for what lies ahead of me this fall.

It is closing time and although I am a bit melancholy that summer is winding down, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Happy Labor Day.


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