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temp-post-imageEvent Mode is a state of mind.

It is when you are a couple of days, a week or even a month out from an event and all you can do is focus on getting through and making it a success.

It is when you double and triple check the flight itineraries, the ground transportation, the menus, the scheduled activities, the vendor installation schedules, the hotel resumes, the Banquet Event Orders (BEO) and the staffing plans.

It is when you do your job and everyone else's because you become a control freak, or in my case, more of a control freak.

It is when you neglect your own well being and then wake up, look in the mirror and the realize you need to make a few beauty appointments and fast.

It is when you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about some little detail and writing it down so you don't forget it the next day. Or worst yet, waking up in the middle of the night convinced you have completely missed a scheduled Committee Meeting and then actually get up, rush to get dressed and try to catch some of the meeting. This just happened to me this week and when I finally calmed down and looked at my phone it was only 3:37AM and the meeting was the next day!

Event mode is how they describe one of us when we are in this state. It becomes an all encompassing excuse for our behavior.

"Oh don't mind her, she is in event mode."

It is when the work life balance becomes extremely difficult. My husband and friends have dealt with me and this for years now.

It is when you try your hardest to smile, to be polite and to appear interested in the conversation someone is trying to have with you while truly you are looking over their shoulder at the lighting that is being installed incorrectly or the sound tech who missed a cue. There is no time for tolerance, please and thank you's or trying to calmly explain things. It's just get it done.

Minus the bags under my eyes, half chewed finger nails and tired looking skin, I actually love event mode.

Event mode is exciting and challenging. It's a head spinning rush and a whirlwind of activity. And it's a way of life.

Event mode is what makes me good.

Please and thank you.


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