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First let me apologize for my lack of posts since Labor Day. Once fall arrives, my schedule does not allow me enough free time to do the things I love to do. But I must say it is my most favorite season to dress. I love boots, sweaters and jackets. This season however my buying in general will be kept to a minimum due to the current economic crisis. I do not know what got more media play this past week, the crash of the stock market or the crash of Sarah Palin thanks to one very talented Tina Fey (she was spot on with that accent). But I do know that the current market blows and the upcoming election woes are severely effecting the retail market. I have just started my fall shopping and this fashionista’s purchasing power is being battled by the dreaded word recession.

So when approaching my wardrobe this season, I thought it would be helpful to list a few categories and my top ten picks for fall to assist me in figuring out what I truly need versus what I really want. Now through next weekend I will go through my closets and do the annual weeding which translates to the keep, the store and the pieces that will be shipped off to the consignment shop. Then I will be better equipped to shop and really identify the pieces to buy this season to mix and match with what I already have. My advice and what I have come to embrace as I get older, is to invest in the classics – a great bag, shoe or jacket will make any outfit current, luxurious and cool. Trust me, the super trendy pieces that look good on the pages of a glossy magazine will only drain your bank account and mark you as a fashion victim. Buy what looks good on you and in fabrics and colors that will outlive their wear and always make you feel like a million bucks.

1. Boots – I am looking for tall, black boots with a chunky flat to mid-size heel. I need a black version of my tried and true brown suede Prada mototcycle boots that I wear to death. The black version I will run around the city with skinny jeans or leggings tucked in and great jackets or cardigans layered and belted. I have my eye on Chloe’s Tall Bay Boot. And they may even make my brown ones feel new again. As for shoes, I would like a great sophisticated pair of platform pumps.

2. Pants – honestly seem to come in all sizes and shapes. I think I can get by with two new pairs. A great fitting killer black wool/cashmere blend and perhaps one other that is either a classy tweed with a stovepipe leg or a higher waist. Oh and leggings even though I am so not a fan. But I am finally giving in. They are comfortable and appear to be here for a little while longer. I suggest black leggings that look like pants. I will wear mine under floral dresses and/or with longer tunics, jackets and sweaters. I have been resistant to try the ones from The Row. They are overpriced in my opinion, but after trying them on this weekend, I am hooked. They work the best and will last.

3. Sweaters – Knits are everywhere this season as both layering pieces and as jackets. I go for the super soft, super comfy or super sexy. I bought a great shrunken cashmere vest and a longer cocoa brown tunic with a great turtle neck. I want a baggier v-neck to pair with skinny jeans and boots, to wear over a silk ruffle shirt tucked into a pencil skirt with a skinny belt or with a great pair of fitted leg trousers and a killer heel. Invest here, with proper care they will last.

4. Jeans – this season I am looking for two styles. Pin straight legs in the darkest shade of blue imaginable to wear tucked in or over boots and with just about anything on top. (I bought a pair of J Brand and have another by Nobodyon hold). Boyfriend jeans (overly baggy with optional distressed tears or markings) to wear rolled with soft tees, shrunken cardigans or prepster sweaters and a great vintage belt. (thinking Gap or Levis here as I am not sure how long these will be in style and these will be budget items)

5. Something tweed. Not sure yet what it will be – but looking for a great jacket or pair of pants that can shift from corporate diva in the boardroom to country luxe on the weekends.

6. Blouses – crisp white with flair or silk detailed to wear to meetings with pinstripe, the above mentioned tweed or classic black trousers – jackets optional. Good old stand by J Crew has a few nice ones that are wallet friendly.

7. A fitted leather jacket in black or super dark muddy brown to wear out at night for instant hippie hipster attitude and when I am listening to G ‘n R. (I have my eye on a great piece by Hazel Brown).

8. Belts – two kinds are everywhere this season. A skinny belt – thinking a dull metallic or a brown/black with some type of added hardware. This I will wear on whatever sweater, jacket or over-sized top I can cinch in. And a great wider belt to wear with dressy dresses. Add booties (huge again this season) and and you could be cast in SATC II.

9. Dresses – I wore them all summer and I am still a huge fan. I am searching for a dark, winter floral dress to layer with a great, thin longer cardigan, a belt and tall caramel or brown boots, easy day-to-night jersey or shift dresses to wear with boots or platform booties and tights and something in a modern lace to wear to one or two of my events (thinking one in NYC and one in Boston) and over the holidays.

10. A long black cashmere winter coat to wear over just about everything, that looks fierce plain or that can make a totally different statement when worn with either a fur collar, long leather gloves, a vintage brooch, a statement necklace over the collar or with a great detailed belt.

After writing this, I am confident that once ready to retire my flip flops and really shop, I will invest wisely! I have flipped through countless mags and have thrown an eye in a few of my favorites stores and can report that just about anything goes this fall as long as it fits your personal style and does not make you look like a hockey mom.


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