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Happy Holidays! To quote a very good friend of mine, ” Holy food and social coma!” We fed and entertained 28 people (family and friends) and 4 dogs at our home for Christmas. Our menu consisted of shrimp and crab claws to start, a deep fried turkey (a first for us and I so missed not being at home for Thanksgiving), gravy, biscuits, mushroom and ground beef stuffing, cranberry relish, carmelized brussel sprouts and pancetta and acorn squash with apples and walnuts. Dessert was a buffet of yummy treats with all kinds of cookies (thank Jubes!) and highlighted by my Mom’s famous gazadella (home made espresso and ricotta Italian pie) and my dulce de leche and chocolate bread pudding (new recipe I found and it was a hit). All enhanced by an amazing assortment of wines. Our first guests arrived at 2PM and the last left after midnite. Now that was a spectacular effort and day!

Once again the holidays, and 2008 for that matter, have flown by. All the shopping (although recognizably less this year), wrapping, prepping, holiday visits and events, washing wine glasses, dining, socializing, washing more wine glasses and running around have finally come to a halt. And I am the first to admit, I now need the rest and relaxation. I have been totally nesting since Christmas. In fact, have only left my house twice – both times to work out and off the abundance of food and wine I consumed.

We always fly off to Miami right after Christmas, but this is the first year in many that we will be home to ring in the New Year. And again, someting I will also admit, I am happy to be staying in one place and not having to run to the Cape to grab my summer clothes and then to pack a suitcase. Sure the warm climate and sun tan (much needed now too – my derm would be happy, but I am not) are very appealing, but the weather today almost reached sixty degrees in Beantown and I made the most of it by going for a long, powerwalk along the river.

Tomorrow starts the second week of my self imposed and stay-at-home two week vacation. I will get caught up on a few work things, go to the gym, schedule some beauty maintenance appointments, see more friends, and get ready for the upcoming months of work. We have a great new event scheduled for this spring in NYC that will keep us very busy and shuttling back and forth to the Big Apple yet again. We also have plans to go to a great New Year’s Eve celebration at a friend’s new home and look forward to ringing in 2009 with friends – some old and some new. This week I will try to extend my R & R as much as I can. 2009 is going to be a great year filled with more change. I know it will bring me many new opportunities and I can’t wait for the adventure to begin.

But for now, I am just happy to be home for the holidays.


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