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There is something about the summer that just makes you feel good and want to live well. The combination of farm fresh veggies and fruits, long runs in the fresh air, and an overdose of sunshine always puts me in a good mood, correction, great mood. Add a bottle of rosé and the perfect light and you have magic time.

Mike actually posted this photo and wrote about his version of “magic time” on his blog (you can link to it from my blogroll). It is very funny how girls and boys interpret and process things and situations so differently. Girls are all about feelings, and guys, well guys are just typical guys. It is what it is. In this case, Mike saw the perfect opportunity to hop out of our car to take the perfect shot in the perfect light. I viewed it as a chance to stop and analyze life.

We went for a long drive the other day in search of a new place to lay some roots. We have owned this summer house for 14 years (bought it the summer after we were married) and absolutely love our home, but yearn for the stereotypical beach house. This is both exciting and scary as I have become a true creature of habit and have so many memories here. However, after viewing some of the prospects and living our lifestyle the past 14 years, I have to say being neighbors with the waves and shacking up in a more secluded area is very appealing. And having this view as my front or backyard is just plain awesome.

Personally, I don’t think think this is a change in our immediate future, but we have started the process and it definitely is on the horizon (no pun intended). In the meantime, I wish we could bottle the feeling induced by summertime.

Imagine the fortune to be had by the person who somehow finds a way to create, stock, package and distribute to the masses the perfect recipe of:

  • the casual dress code,

  • the close the office at 2pm on Fridays,

  • the feeling of salt and wind blown hair,

  • the deliciousness of a great glass of rosé wine,

  • the power of a cross court forehand,

  • the freedom of driving with the top down,

  • the freshness of an outdoor shower,

  • the pride of a hole-in-one,

  • the crispness of white pants,

  • the continuous happy hour on some deck,

  • the royalty of a waterview,

  • just shucked oysters at a Raw Bar

  • the romance of a beach stroll at dusk,

  • the color of fresh flowers from the garden,

  • the comfort of a faded tee shirt,

  • the kids discovering fireflies in summer camp,

  • the giddiness from frozen margaritas,

  • the refreshment from a dip in the pool,

  • the contagiousness of summer lovin’,

  • the glow of a summer tan,

  • the taste of fresh watermelon,

  • the laziness of a beach day,

  • the ease of a sundress and flip flops,

  • the trip to the local farm for sweet corn,

  • the thrill of a drive-in theatre,

  • home made blueberry muffins,

  • the simplicity of a tank top,

  • an ice cold Stella,

  • the perfect summer wedding,

  • the taste of home made ice cream,

  • the allure of a bronze goddess,

  • the spirit of the 4th of July,

  • the smell of dinner on the grill,

  • the length of daylight

  • and the limit of stress.

And what could we possibly call all of this? Welcome to Magic Time.


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