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Say hello to Robinah, Peter, Patrick and Robert from Choir #43. They are four of the reasons why I love being an event producer.

In my profession, I get to meet some super special people who are doing wonders for the world. And in this case, all before they turn 11 years old.

Last night I produced a small cultivation event at the Liberty NYC to raise awareness for the tens of thousands of children they represent back home.

As you can see I had many assistants. The kids mingled with our guests and then performed four songs. Once again, their talent and joy won the audience over.

I have been working with the African Children’s Choir (ACC) for the past four years and can tell you they are one of my all time favorite groups to support. I mentioned in my previous post that I sometimes get to help change the world. These kids do it every single day. They are ChangeMakers.ACC Helpers

The ACC has helped educate over 52,000 children to date. Their annual Gala is coming up this fall and the event we hosted last night was our planning kickoff and attempt to secure more committee members to join our efforts. I have been a committee member several times myself. It can be very rewarding especially when you become an ambassador for a cause you truly love.

We have found that adding a social networking environment to the mix is a great way to expand your reach and keep members engaged. Plus you become great friends with the people who you work with all year.

I realize it’s hard to think about what you will be doing this fall, but keep them in mind. Their Galas are not your typical rubber chicken fundraising dinners. Past guests have claimed it is the best charity event in NYC. And I got to admit – they are a blast from start to finish. Imagine my task year after year? No pressure there.

Stay tuned for more event information about the 7th Annual NYC ChangeMakers Gala. And if you happen to be looking for a great cause to support and want to get more involved, please message me.

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