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In general, I am not a baseball fan. I am not a crazy, obsessed member of Red Sox nation. And I am by no means a jersey chaser. I can however appreciate those who are, and can almost understand why they get so wrapped up in it all at times.

And I admit I enjoy going to baseball games. Not to sit there for nine long innings, but rather to do what I do best. I like to hop around the clubs or luxury suites socializing with people. To me it is an event. If we are winning, and this puts everyone I am socializing with in an even better mood, well than that is a bonus.

Last week, I went to the Red Sox’s first night game and got the chance to go on the field. Now this is worth bragging about. Baseball fan or not, once standing on the field, you feel pretty damn special. Morgan Dorr, the lead singer of Endway, the incredible band my husband is now managing, sang the National Anthem. He was great. We the groupies got to tag along on field for his moment.

My friend Traci took this photo with her phone. You have to admit, I did okay sporting those pigtails under that cute little basball cap adorned with a mini pink “B.” No one would have ever guessed I was only there for the music and the EMC Club. She then immediately uploaded it to FB (got to love Facebook). The responses came fast and furious – wondering why she, a tried and true Yankees fan, was standing with a girl wearing a Red Sox hat and how amazing it was that we got down so close to the field.

We were on the field.

That feeling, Morgan’s stirring rendition of the anthem, the apres field cocktail and the group gathering at La Verdad all made for a super night. Hey wait a minute, I think I could be a fan after all.


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