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I took another pilates class the morning of July 4. It was the only hour left in the studio’s schedule and I figured I would start my holiday off on the right foot. (This would give me justification for embibing a little too much wine later in the evening) My trainer told me that my core was strong (loved hearing this) and that I was perfectly proportioned (wasn’t so sure about this one). So did she mean my hips were as wide as my shoulders? Great, if I were trying out to be the new linebacker for the Pats. And I don’t recall reading this compliment in Us Weekly’s annual Hot Bikini Bodies. Hey check out that hottie. . .she has perfect proportions.

Then I really thought about it, and it is actually quite a great compliment. Our bodies should be perfectly proportioned. Otherwise we would be labeled as pear shaped, a Q-Tip, or worse yet, with upside down legs. Our clothes therefore should be perfectly proportioned too, right?

Not necessarily. Baby doll tops, skinny jeans, high waist pants, wide leg trousers, bootcuts, flats, fitted tanks and sweaters, straight legs, chunky heels, minis, maxis, pencil skirts, stilettos, a-lines and all the various hems. Each item mentioned speaks of volume or length, yet can be very limiting. When deciding on an outfit and unsure of what to wear with what, think how you would when finding a date. Good girl, bad guy. In other words, opposites attract.

Wear your flowy tops with skinny or straight jeans or short shorts. Slip on your more sophisticated tops or detailed blouses with pencil skirts and pair your tanks and fitted jackets with bootlegs or stovepipes. Add a great pair of flats, chunky heels or wedges to your short shorts, baby dolls and maxi dresses and leave the stilettos for the fuller legs and fitted skirts. Bootlegs are best with… well… boots, but they also look great with wedges and platforms. Skinny jeans look fierce with flats or ruched a bit with a narrow high heel. Don’t do minis with stilettos unless your office is a street corner and steer clear of tight tops with tight bottoms if you want to avoid the stuffed sausage look.

There, now you have pefect proportions too.


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