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This post is late – one month exactly now. Sorry Candy. But lets hope I can make up for it with my tribute to a wonderful city and an even better friend.

The end of the summer and first half of September were very trying for me. I am the first to admit I was not myself and let my stress surface and take its toll on all of those around me, my family, my friends and even my job. I had surgery; not the kind that is super invasive but enough to make you think.

My surgery was scheduled for the day before we were supposed to go to Montreal for one of my oldest and bestest friends “special” birthdays. There was really no other time I could schedule my procedure, as I liked to call it, and no other weekend to celebrate with Candy. I had to do both. My procedure was actually pretty quick and complete on Thursday Sept 10 at 3pm. We were on the road bandages in place, bottle of Tylenol by my side on Friday Sept 11 at 10:30 am. The support of Mike, my parents and Aunt Jubes and knowing that I was going to spend a great weekend with my friends got me through the day and motivated to get better real fast. I am big on having something to look forward to.

I had never been to Montreal. –And sorry to say, I did not know one of my best friends in the whole wide world was born there. I thought she had just picked Montreal as a fun destination city to visit. I had no idea that she was going on her birth tour!

We had an amazing weekend. The feline phenomenon took Montreal like no other. The weather, the company, the cuisine, the shopping (now that got me up and on my feet pretty damn fast) and learning something new about a dear friend were exactly what the doctor ordered.

Montreal is beautiful and easy to get to for a long weekend. I highly recommend you make the trip. Stay in Old Montreal in one of the boutique hotels and submerge yourself in the architecture and the culture. You swear you are in Europe. No one seems to be in a hurry to go or do anything and the ease of long days that flow right into a nap and then great late dinner are contagious.

Spending time with family and friends is always the best medicine whether you are sick or not. Make the time to do more of it. I am absolutely fine now and healing quite nicely. The only memories I will have from this experience are good ones – I am lucky for so many reasons and visiting a new place with old friends is definitely one of them.

Montreal: It’s young, it’s old, it’s daring, it’s comfortable, it’s hip and it overflows with tradition. It will always be there. Just like a great friendship.

Happy Birthday Candy. xoxo Coco


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