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I do not normally blog about any of my events or clients but it has been a while and this one was just too damn fun to miss.

Yesterday, I spent the day in Washington DC sightseeing with Santa Claus. Yes, you read correctly, Mr. Claus himself. I might add, he was dressed in full Santa garb. Poor thing it was so hot and stinky humid. But unlike me, he did not have the problem of what to wear when it’s not quite fall, but not summer either. Seasonal transitions are tough on us fashion slaves.

Santa (and entourage – he is a celebrity after all) rode the Metro, traveled all over downtown in a pedicab, passed out fun prizes and games at GW University and in front of the White House, and even got to meet and hang with Slapshot at the Kettler Ice Rink (where the Washington Capitals practice – who knew Santa was a hockey fan?!) and sit at the news editor’s desk at WTOP.

I had never “cast” a Santa before. And finding one in September is harder than you think. I researched online and found a couple talent and entertainment sites that had a few good Santas. We picked our Santa because he had gone to Santa School (I swear I am not making that up). Wonder what room and board is up to in the North Pole as it’s insane here in the States.

Our Santa was a true professional – he was a joy on the phone (loved getting the message Mr. Claus is on line one), in emails (signed all of his, merrily,) and most importantly, in person. My colleague and I were discussing how Santa manages to find the kid in everyone and he always produces a smile.

So why was Santa in DC you ask? To announce the 3rd Annual Salute to Our Troops. I know I have blogged about this event before. It is the program I have produced with Microsoft for the troops the past two years. This is the first year we are hosting in DC, the past two have been in the Big Apple. So while producing a series of super fun events with a great client and working for a such a worthy cause, I am also getting the opportunity to explore and conquer a whole new territory.

Santa thanks for being you. Readers for more info on Salute and what I am working on in DC, check out

And listen up. . . it is true, he keeps a list. But he is huge on clean slates and redemptions. It’s September, you still have time!



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