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This has been the summer of sangria. We have made batches of this delicious summer drink just about every weekend and have shared the recipes with various friends. Mike has become a pro and even bought a special container just for this purpose. This weekend he made a white sangria and it is my favorite. I don’t know if it just tasted so good because I was in dire need of it by the time I reached Cape Cod Friday evening or if it is just that refreshing and yummy. Read on for the story and the recipe and try a batch at your next dinner party.

My parents picked me up at my office Friday afternoon. It was hazy, hot and humid. And I was exhausted from my week of work and travel. My parents being the super parents they are, waited for me to head down to the Cape. Mom did not mind because it gave her an excuse to shop in the city and to quote her, she “scored some killer shoes.” My Dad just said that once again, I cost him.

We knew vacating the city anytime after 2PM was going to present a problem, but I had meetings and could not leave any earlier. We decided to just try it because we needed to get to the Cape in time for dinner. Mike was in charge of Friday night’s meal plan, which meant we were hosting another dinner at our house and he was the cook.

We took my Dad’s car which is a convertible. Guess who sat in the back? It is a little back seat and with all their bags, my bag, my paper bag full of corn and cukes (had to stop at Siena Farms at the Farmer’s Market), my house gift for another party we had Saturday night and this ginormous tree pole cutter that stretched from my Mom’s feet across the console and into the back left corner, there left little-to-no room for yours truly. Because I was deliriously tired and because I was being the mischievous daughter I always have been, I decided to stir things up a bit (no pun intended) and complain.

Joking of course, but let’s just say between the ridiculous traffic, the tree pole cutter, my car sickness, my Mom’s car sickness, my complaining and my Dad’s patience, we were all glad to arrive at Camp DiCarlo for a super meal (Mike had even set the outside table) and a big glass of the below.

2 btls dry white (or a white rioja)

3/4 cup Poire William (pear brandy)

3/4 cup Calvados (apple brandy)

1/2 cup triple sec

3/4 cup simple syrup

3/4 cup passion fruit puree

2 cups OJ

3 oranges

3 apples (green)

2 lemons

1 cup black berries

Add lots of ice and a shot of Fresca to your glass before pouring in the sangria

Note you can use any type of fruit you love. We have also added white peaches, green grapes, you name it. And have found we like the white sangria during the day or to serve with a lighter meal. The more traditional red sangria is great too – but try this with your meat entrees, heavier meals and when you want a little spicier drink. Then add your fruit accordingly. With the red, we added plums, apricots, and red grapes.

The container featured above can be found at Pottery Barn and bonus, has just gone on sale. We have only filled it with sangria to date, but I know it will come in handy for just about anything we make and drink poolside.



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