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This past weekend we celebrated “Sarah and the City” – a NYC fun filled weekend for a bride to be. Sarah is a very good friend of mine and I am one of her bridesmaids, although we are not calling ourselves that, just simply bridal friends. Honestly it has been a while since I have been a bridesmaid, so this title suits me and my age just fine.

Our sex and the city themed weekend started on Saturday with a lite lunch, rose wine (my summer fav) and some shopping. We then all checked into the Great Jones Spa (truly one of NYC’s best pampering spots because of the wet spa and a man named Jacob – more about him later.) I gave everyone a short to do list for the weekend. Shocker I know, but what can I say I am the event planner. One of my jobs was the bubbles and the girls were in charge of booking the spa appointments and bringing the snacks.

This spa has memories for each of us. Mine mainly revolve a man named Jacob. I was very tempted to tell Sandra to book me a massage with him, however at the time I could not remember his name. All I remembered was his exact resemblance to actor Simon Baker, his hands, his fabulous accent and a boyish grin that truly made me blush. And before this weekend, I did not really know Sandra all that well, so I figured she would think I was a crazy lunatic stalker if talked about him like this. Not to mention she had to phone the spa and give that description.

So I kept quiet – first time for everything. We arrived at the spa and I of course started babbling about my male fantasy masseuse. There we were all sitting in our robes waiting for our names to be called and then to look up and see whose magic fingers we got. I was the first called. Held my breath, winked at the girls, looked up and there standing before me was the spitting image of Paul Giamatti. Short, bug eyes and all. Certainly not Jacob. But what could I do? Paul Giamatti

Turns out my guy was just as skilled, but the fantasy part was left in the waiting room. Sandra, our lovely singleton of the group, ended up with Jacob. She walked back into the locker room with such a glow I did not even have to ask her. You biatch was what spilled from my mouth. You get transported to another world by the Mentalist and I got Mr. Sideways. After 15 years of marriage one would think they would let me take the hottie.

After our treatments, we returned to the wet spa with a bottle of Veuve-Clicquot and some yummy snacks. Three hours later we left. Now that was a great effort and day.

Part two of our girly weekend was dinner and dancing. We made a rezzy at Sushi Samba on 7th Avenue South. Saturday night, gorgeous spring weather in NYC and we picked one of the loudest, trendiest bridge and tunnel meet tourist spots around. But they have a fantastic deck and indoor/outdoor seating area on the 2nd floor. And Sarah and I have frequented that place for years to imbibe in a mango capirinhia or two. So it was the perfect destination to start our evening.

Our night was pretty fun, but very civilzed too. We devoured our shrimp tempura, spciy tuna and tuna taccitos and had a few rounds of our mango cocktails too. Now it was time to dance off the calories!

We walked and walked that night looking for the best places to salsa dance and ended up at a club called Aspen. Not really what we had in mind, but we all agreed it was appropriate because of its rustic theme. Sarah is getting married in July in Park City – so it fit. And we danced the rest of the night away.

Sunday morning came pretty fast. Well faster seeing we got in Sunday am, but still it was a bit hard to get out of bed. Sarah and I woke and immediately went to Starbucks for grande lattes. Our brunch was at 1pm so we had some time to chill and let the coffee do its job.

And look at us, we clean up well don’t you think? We had a lovely, leisurely bridal brunch at Avra on the upper east side. This was one of Sarah’s requests. And once again, the weather cooperated so we dined al fresco.

“Sarah and the City” was a success and we had a blast celebrating with her before she becomes a MRS!

Sarah always says I am her “most fun married friend,” well soon my dear you will be one of mine.


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