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We have recently consulted and helped produce two Save the Dates (or STDs as we call them in the biz) for upcoming events, and I thought it was a good time to talk about their importance.

By way of background, a STD shares a lot more than just the actual date. They are a call to action and an event marketing tactic in their simplest form.

Save the Dates promote an event and build excitement and anticipation the minute they are received. And they build attendance by giving guests advance notice so they can plan their calendars accordingly. This is especially helpful in event seasons (spring, fall and holiday). As anyone in this industry understands, events jockey for position. Many times who attends your event is more important than when it is. If this is a significant factor and you want the executives or your group of besties there, get your event on their calendars early.

Advance notice is also helpful with any destination events. The added time provides better planning for hotel, travel and a variety of other logistics including what to wear — there I go bringing my post right back to fashion! But seriously, this is a key factor too.

Save the Dates also allow us as the professional planners to help our clients plan their guest lists well in advance. This gives both sides some concrete numbers to work with and aids in budget forecasting. All of this translates to less stress in the long run.

Take for example the STD featured here: this went out last night and already there is a buzz percolating about this May event. I have received a couple of emails from vendors who want the business. And at first glance of our chosen theme, I know the audience is already scouring the internet for chaps. What a great way to kick off the event.

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