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My new drink debuted with the spring menu last week at Sonsie on Newbury Street in Boston. This is my third “guest drink appearance” at this trendy, neighborhood eating and drinking establishment. Last year, they came up with the idea to ask some local and almost famous Bostonians for their favorite drink recipes and to then see who and what was the most popular with the patrons and the cash registers. Well three seasons later and three drinks in, and I am still going strong.

Vodka is the main ingredient of all my drinks. Other than wine, it is only what I like to drink. This is my first martini though. Figured I just celebrated a birthday and it was time to put out a real ladies drink. But guys, don’t let it fool you. This is no pansie colored candy drink. The Christini (got to love the name) is potent enough they already put a limit on these bad girls.

Go to Sonsie and order my latest custom cocktail. Take two Advil when you get home and call me in the morning with your feedback and hopefully fun Christini induced stories. Have more than three, and I guarantee you feel a lot more shaken than stirred.


Kurant Vodka (made from a black currant berry)


Fresh lime juice

Shake all above ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass

Add a champagne topper and garnish with edible flowers or a lime wheel



468 Beacon Street,

Boston, MA 02115

Phone. 857-264-1762