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Snowed In

temp-post-imageEarlier this week, I was working at a client's office and we were talking about the nearing blizzard and how great it would be to have a snow day and to work from home. I was fully engaged in the conversation and adding that I was excited to work in the comfort of my favorite Monrow camo sweats. The conversation continued for a bit before I realized I could basically do that every day if i really wanted. I work from home.

I gave up my cushy office and address in Copley Square a few years back when I confirmed I spent more time on the road then I did in my office. One year in fact I spent 91 nights in NYC alone.

To this day, my job takes me on the road on average about twice a month. My meetings are mostly in a clients office or on site at a host venue and my work can be done anyplace I have internet.

When I am in Boston, I cherish being at home. And I find more people telecommunting whenever possible. The workplace has really shifted due to advanced technology, the emphasis on having a work-life balance and all the wellness stories out there stressing how we need to reduce well, stress.

Don't get me wrong, I still look forward to getting dressed for my day and picking my latest and greatest outfits for my trips. And truth be told, I'd also love to have a super curated sleek office again one day and hope that just maybe the launch of CD Events Co will fuel (and fund!) that desire, but for now I am very content to be snowed in.


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