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Last week I had just checked into my mid-town home away from home, when I ran into a very dear and special friend. . .by complete chance. We were college roommates for 3 years at Boston College. Our other friends and families nicknamed the two of us, Squirt & Flirt.

Ahhh, the good old days. She is a tall blond with a fierce figure, has a bubbly personality to match and a passion for the finer things in life. She drove a convertible Mustang in school, sported only designer duds and used to buy filet mignon at the grocery store to cook for us for dinner. Combine this somewhat southern girlie girl from Richmond with me, and well, let’s just say we had our fair share of fun.

Skip to last week. As I mentioned, I had just checked in and was enjoying the attention from the bellmen, now my pals. But wait, they were all friendly with another guest. And they knew her by name too. Who could this “intruder” be and more importantly, was she worthy? I turned around to see this stunner walking towards me and the first thing I noticed was the outfit (shocker). That day it was bloody hot in NYC. She had on the cutest white shift dress and black and white flip flops. Mind you, the dress was Gucci and the flips, Louis Vuitton. Wait a minute, I know this girl. As she approached, the biggest smile come over my face and I knew it was Steph. Hugs, kisses, a few “oh my Gods” and “you look sooooo good” happened next for about 5 minutes. The bellmen were amazed that we were college roomies and immediately started drawing all sorts of conclusions (some of course were dead on, some we will leave up to the imagination).

I hadn’t seen Stephanie in about 4 years. Last time she was in Boston we got together for dinner, but we have not been the best at keeping in touch. She lives in California and rarely gets back east. I visited her once in LA, but do not get out to the west coast that much anymore. And the last time we met up, she was telling me all about her neighbor who she had a slight crush on. Steph never had a slight crush. She fell fast and hard every time. Turns out this time, she met her Mr. Big. She married the neighbor last year in a very private ceremony at Parrot Cay.

So now a number of years later (will never tell you how many) the two of us are together again in the Big Apple. We were both in on business, but managed to find some quality time to catch up. It is so refreshing to see my friends happy and to realize that besides a few years, a couple of husbands, career responsibilities and a pair of new boobs, not much has changed since we were sashaying around the campus of BC.

Steph came with me the next day to an appointment, we had lunch at Pastis and then shared a taxi further downtown for our meetings. We hugged, kissed, said a few more “you look amazing and haven’t changed a bits,” and then said good bye. This time, I truly hope we make an effort to keep in touch and stay a part of each others lives.

The power of emails, cell phones and all those American Express miles can only help.

p.s. – she is almost two inches taller, so that made me Squirt and her, Flirt!


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