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Yesterday was the official start to summer. I spent the weekend on the Cape doing some of my favorite things, went for a run, sat in the sun, played tennis, hosted a dinner party at our summer home, enjoyed a fun, belated Father’s Day breakfast at the Farm Cafe with my Mom and Dad and took some time to stop and smell (and snip) my peonies.

This year, we almost missed out on these beauties, but thanks to my Dad, we still have some left in the garden to enjoy. Due to all kinds of reasons, we got a late start this year opening up the house. Yes, I realize I blogged a couple of weeks back about this process, but failed to mention that some of the tasks were TBD (hey its my blog and my prerogative). And we missed an entire weekend here due to other family and friend commitments. So I asked my dear old Dad to swing by our house to stake my peonies before they became too top heavy and fell to the ground. Of course he obliged.

What I also failed to do was buy the stakes and ties he needed to do the proper staking. Sorry Dad. End result he and my Mom were at my house for over two and a half hours making due (they found old branches in my yard and cable ties in my garage). Parents are very resourceful aren’t they? And voila! My pink and white peonies made it another year.

Hey Dad – glad to have spent today with you and thanks for stopping to stake the peonies!


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