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Spring has sprung! Today, the Sox schooled the Nationals in their home opener and Newbury Street was chock-a-block. This can only mean that the cherry blossoms will imminently bloom, the first sun dress will appear and that soon-to-be-grads will be looking for what’s around life’s next corner.

Though it’s been a few years (I use the word “few” because it only seems like that) since I was a graduate, I still remember the anxiety of knowing which direction my career would take. This time of year my memory is even more pronounced because now my profession allows me to play role reversal. One of the favorite parts of my job is the chance to meet students every semester. I love carving out time in my schedule to sit with prospective interns and applicants because that is truly how I got started.

Being a former BC Eagle and an Emerson College Lion, I tend to gravitate to those grads from my tribes, but I have hired students from many of the greater Boston schools. In Boston, we are lucky to select from a pool of great students year after year. I think that Boston’s academic excellence is unparalleled to begin with but the city keeps making a case for graduates to take up residence here. The entire start up community is burgeoning and our sports teams are delivering championship seasons like it’s their birthright. It’s difficult to imagine a hotter market to now make your home and career. Now, with a historic winter out of the way, we won’t have to go through that again for another 50 years!

While the Sox were tearing apart the Nationals at Fenway Park, I sat with a soon-to-be graduate who is considering a move to Boston and is looking to start her career in event planning. I chose to post about this topic because it was one of the best interviews that I have conducted in memory. This was a woman who was prepared for her interview. She researched me and FRA prior to coming in, knew the market, had some on-the-ground experience and was genuinely enthusiastic about her chosen career. I find that truly refreshing these days.

Over the past several years, I have met with some great candidates but the pool definitely seemed smaller. In part, I think it’s because the “tech generation” approaches things a bit differently. To me, it seems like a larger percentage of the graduates are more achievement driven and not about the learning process itself. I’m not suggesting that achievements aren’t important, they are but don’t forget the route to achievement. I remember when I graduated I was told, “Forget about you learned in school. You’re playing for keeps now”.

If I have learned anything over my own career as a professional, it is this: you will only get out of something what you put in to it. I find myself saying that to many who ask me how I got started, or what is the best part of your job or what is it like to have your own small business. I think this is good life advice as much as anything.

My message to all you future class of 2015’ers. . .you want to be an event planner or any thing else today? Prepare for interviews, volunteer your time and imagine yourself in that role.

That’s how you’ll “own” the interview and your subsequent career.


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