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It is almost time to break them out! I for one am very excited that this weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and the freedom to wear white pants.

I always look forward to Memorial Day weekend. The ease of work, the ease of dressing and the easy breezy attitude that accompanies the long days on the beach and the many summer activities that we yearn for all year long.

Each year, we start off the summer season the exact same way. Usually, it is by fixing something that has gone wrong at our summer home. Last year, it was a major flood meaning all new floors. This year, thank goodness, all we had to repair was part of our fence.

Next, we open up the pool. We are a little behind on this one. But I checked the weather for the Cape and Islands. It is going to be sunny, but temperature wise, I don’t think I’ll be doing much swimming or sun bathing these next few days. Thats why we all venture to these summer destinations though right? Because it is that much cooler and a relief from the hazy, hot and humid. Sure in August, but when you are extending your winter vacation color by self- tanning as much as you can without looking like an Oscar statue, you want the hot sooner than later. Anyway, looks like good old Jergens will be coming to the Cape with me this time.

After the pool, we clean out the fridge. Never a pleasant task, but I am happy to report this has already been done for me. My husband went down to our home earlier this week to “check on things” and to clean out and restock our fridge (yes, I felt his head to make sure he was not suffering from a very high fever). I received multiple phone calls from him while at the grocery store detailing almost every item he bought. Let’s just say I have a lot of new condiments. Why do guys love condiments? We have no burgers, cold cuts, hot dogs etc to speak of yet, but we are fully prepared for all of the above.

Then we bring out the outdoor furniture. The back deck furniture is easy enough, although it needs to be brought up form the basement. My Dad may be called upon to assist. The pool furniture is another story. It is teak, heavy, and always needs to be cleaned and oiled. Hhhmmmmm? I wonder if Mikey picked the fridge chore so that he would not have to share in the teak task?

Once the furniture is out, hosed off, oiled and set up, I tackle the planting of the pots. I trim the topiary (I am no Edward Scissorhands but I manage to keep a mean ball shape) and pick out new flowers for all the planters around the pool and by the front door. I usually do all one color scheme – white – but every now and then I add a splash of color. As we know, bold and brights are in fashion this season. So what I don’t sport on my back, I can grow around my pool.

Inside summer preparation is alot easier. It is basically calling comcast for seasonal renewal, throwing out all the gossip magazines from last season, changing or adding some pictures in the frames, redecorating here and there and restocking many house and guest supplies. My frequent travels help. This year guests will enjoy Bumble & Bumble and Fresh bath products in their rooms. Book your weekends now my friends!

Then I am almost ready to relax and let the summer begin. The only thing left to do is take my new white pants to the tailors to be hemmed.

Happy Memorial Day!


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